OIDI Workshops and Presentations

Creating and maintaining an environment that is welcoming and inclusive to all identities relies on each member of Mississippi State University’s commitment and efforts. To that end, the Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion offers a wide variety of workshops, presentations, and other educational opportunities designed to increase knowledge and awareness of diversity related issues. If you would like to request a training that is not listed, our office can customize a training to meet your unique needs.


Side Profile Silhouette Icon Exploring Unconscious Bias

This interactive workshop is designed to examine the role that unconscious bias plays in one’s perceptions, decision-making, and actions.

3 rings intertwined icon Cultural Competence

There are many ways in which one’s culture can influence actions and interactions. This session focuses on cultural differences between countries, with a focus on helping enhance the quality of interactions among diverse backgrounds.

Building Blocks Icon Fundamentals of Diversity and Inclusion

What is diversity and inclusion and how are they separate entities? This session explores common misconceptions about diversity and how to become more inclusive and welcoming towards individuals across a wide range of identities and backgrounds.

Talking Bubble Icon Microaggressions and Stereotypes

This session will explore the concepts of microaggressions and stereotypes, including how to identify, respond to, and eliminate microagressions and stereotypical actions, ideals, or verbiage.

Diversity Icon Recruiting for Diversity

This interactive session will discuss ways to actively recruit for diversity and will explore the role that leaders play in creating a diverse and inclusive environment.

People Holding Hands Icon Creating an Inclusive Classroom

This session will explore various facets of diversity in the classroom, how these differences may shape student experiences, and will provide strategies for creating a more inclusive classroom.

Pencil Icon Customized Training

In addition to the trainings listed above, the Office of Institutional Diversity & Inclusion can provide customized trainings on diversity-related topics to your department or in your classroom. Please fill out the form below and we will contact you to develop a training that is tailored to your needs. We ask that you submit your customized training requests at least 4 weeks before the desired session date.

Although we try to accommodate the requested training date, please be aware that we cannot guarantee availability on the time/date requested.

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