Minority Faculty Writing Circles

Minority Faculty Writing Circle Program


The Office of Institutional Diversity & Inclusion (OIDI) Minority Faculty Writing Circle Program will provide mini-grants up to $100 per academic year for up to eight (8) selected groups of faculty. These groups are intended to support scholarly productivity through regularly scheduled and structured group meetings whose central focus is on writing and/or the writing process. In each meeting, participants will discuss writing goals and challenges and will receive support from the group, as well as an accountability structure. Each group will be allowed to determine their own unique approach to attain scholarly productivity.

Group Requirements

  • OIDI Minority Faculty Writing Groups will organize themselves, with a designated group leader. Faculty groups will be responsible for recruiting memberships through networking and communicating with faculty members across campus. Opportunities to connect with fellow faculty are provided by OIDI. Please contact OIDI or visit oidi.msstate.edu for information on these opportunities. Additional members may be added to the writing group by sending a request to oidi@msstate.edu
  • Each OIDI Minority Faculty Writing Group must contain a minimum of four (4) members in order to be eligible for funding. At least half of the membership must be comprised of faculty members who have historically marginalized or underrepresented identities.
  • Each OIDI Minority Faculty Writing Group must meet at least twice a month (scheduled times will be determined by each group)
  • Each OIDI Minority Faculty Writing group leader must submit a 3-5 page written report each semester that summarizes the work completed by the group and the methods in which the group supported the scholarly productivity of its members. Groups are also encouraged to share photographs of the working writing circle with OIDI. Reports and photos will be due on or before December 7, 2020 for the fall semester and on or before May 3, 2021 for the spring semester. Please submit all reports to oidi@msstate.edu on or before these dates.


  • Applications due by no later than August 28, 2020
  • Groups will be notified of their award status by September 3, 2020
  • Initial meeting with all writing circle group leaders: September 10, 2020
  • Closing meeting with all writing circle group participants: TBD

Additional Information

  • The OIDI Minority Faculty Writing Group may utilize the conference room within the Holmes Cultural Diversity Center (Colvard Student Union, 2nd floor) upon request and space availability.
  • Funds may be used to purchase books*, supplies, or other relevant materials, including hosting luncheon or coffee shop meetings. OIDI will require original receipts with no tax included. Each group may also keep a copy for their records as well. Please contact OIDI for policies and procedures on how to utilize the ProCard or purchase materials.

All purchased items must be utilized to increase writing productivity and documented in the end of the year/semester report(s).


The 2020-2021 Minority Faculty Writing Circle Leader Guide will share some tips for online writing cirlce facilitation.