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The Office of Inclusive Excellence is committed to fostering belonging for all faculty, staff and students by providing development opportunities and initiatives that create and sustain a welcoming environment for our campus community.

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Mississippi State University is a diverse community where every individual’s ideas, beliefs, and identities are appreciated, respected, and valued.
We reject prejudice and discrimination and strongly believe that an inclusive campus environment contributes to critical thinking, intellectual engagement, and growth. Our commitment to diversity is a responsibility shared by every member of the MSU community. We commit to creating an environment that fosters continuous improvement in our understanding and implementation of initiatives that promote diversity, access, and inclusion.

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Write More, Write Together!

The Office of Inclusive Excellence is proud to host the 14-Day Challenge, an opportunity for you to experiment with daily writing, online community, and supportive accountability. March 4-17, participants commit to writing each day and to supporting one another. The National Center for Faculty Diversity & Development provides additional support and structure. Registration closes February 23, 2024.
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Fuel Your Funding Workshops

More grant funding agencies now require PIs to incorporate diversity, create recruitment plans for underrepresented students, address equity and inclusion, and write powerful Broader Impact statements. We fuel your great ideas by partnering with or extending our existing programs, offering research, writing, and assessment services for impact across all facets of research.
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We foster belonging for all members of our campus community through providing initiatives that enhance campus climate, programs that recruit and retain highly-qualified faculty and staff, and supporting research endeavors.