Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate Assistantships

Mississippi State University is committed to helping any student interested in attaining advanced degrees to realize their dreams. The Office of Inclusive Excellence assists in accomplishing this goal through various recruitment and retention initiatives that target graduate students who come from backgrounds historically underrepresented in higher education. We also conduct regular email outreach to students from various underrepresented backgrounds from across the globe who have an interest in graduate school.

Want to Recruit a Graduate Assistant?

The Graduate School is another strong resource to recruit and retain graduate students, please peruse the many resources and initiatives they host.

If you want us to spread the word about your assistantship, please email a job description that contains the following to

  • Name of Assistantship
  • Employing Department
  • Primary Professor Contact Information
  • Pay & Benefits
  • Work Description
  • Preferred Majors
  • Other Helpful Information


Searching for a Graduate Assistantship?

Below is a list of open Graduate Assistant positions that have been shared with the Office of Inclusive Excellence, and does not constitute a complete list of all available assistantships. Students are encouraged to reach out to departments that contain their desired major to inquire about additional opportunities. The Office of Inclusive Excellence is not involved with hiring decision or admittance into academic programs, please reach out to the Graduate School or specific departments for more information. 

This list is linked to a PDF providing more information and specific contact information about each position. Please check back regularly for updates. 


Available Assistantships